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A Word About Machine Translations
Results are not what you might expect.

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  • Thai <> English Translation
  • High Quality at Low Cost
  • Grammatically & Idiomatically Correct
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Convenient Payment Terms

Thai Translation Service offers Thai-English document translation at the very attractive rate of $0.05 (5 cents) U.S. per word (subject to a $10 minimum) for general non-technical content.

Translations are performed by native speakers of Thai who have excellent English language skills. All translations are proof read by either native English speakers (for Thai to English) or native Thai speakers (for English to Thai). Translations are guaranteed to be grammatically correct in either language and to make proper use of idioms.

Turnaround time is typically less than 48 hours from the time we receive your documents and payment. Please send us your documents by email.

We offer several formats for your convenience. For Windows users we will send English translations in Microsoft Word. For Thai translations we provide Microsoft Word for users with Thai fonts installed on their Windows PC. For users without Thai fonts we provide translations in PDF format which can be viewed using the free Acrobat reader from Adobe; no Thai fonts required. Other formats are available upon request.


Email us your documents for translation. Then pay online through PayPal at Once you login at Paypal be sure to send the payment to

We also accept bank transfers and Western Union money transfers. Contact us for details.

Customers in Thailand can pay by bank transfer or Thai postal money order sent to our Bangkok office. Contact us for details.


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Word Counter & Estimator

Type or copy-and-paste your text into the area below and click the
Calculate Words button to obtain a word count and price estimate.

English only. If your source document is Thai please contact us.


Mail Forwarding Service

Postal mail from the U.S. and other western countries takes a long time to reach Thailand, typically 1 to 2 weeks. If need your documents delivered faster then let us post them for you. Email us your letter and we can post it from our Bangkok office. It will arrive anywhere in Thailand in 3 to 4 working days. For delivery that is even faster (1 to 2 days) we can post your letter using EMS (Express Mail Service). And if you need same day delivery we can arrange for messenger delivery (available in metropolitan Bangkok only).

Our prices for a standard letter size envelope are as follows:

  • Standard mail (3 to 4 days): $3.50
  • Express Mail (secure, 1 to 2 days): $9.50
  • Messenger (same day): Contact us for quote

We can also send documents from Thailand to you by international express mail. We have found UPS to be fast (2 days to Europe and the U.S.) and reliable. We can send you a UPS International Express Mail letter package, which holds up to approximately 50 letter or A4 size pages, for a fee of $35 U.S.



Thai Keyboard

Do you want to type Thai language on your computer? Then you need a Thai keyboard. The easiest and least expensive way to get one is a simple conversion of your existing keyboard using stick-on labels. Peel-and-stick these high quality vinly stickers onto your existing keyboard and then enable the Thai language settings through your control panel. Then any time you want to type a message in Thai the Thai characters are at your finger tips.

Thai Keyboard Stickers
High quality vinyl Thai keyboard stickers

A set of stickers is only $4.95 and includes shipping anywhere in the world.

Use the contact form to order stickers.


Regarding Machine Translations

Machine translation, sometimes called automatic or software translation, relies on a computer program to translate between the language pairs, in this case Thai and English. Machine translation is quite effective for many western language pairs. It is NOT effective for Thai and English. The technology has still not advanced to the point that any useful results are produced. A number of factors cause Thai and English not to yield to automatic translation, including very fundamental differences in grammar and structure, and even more so the differences in cultural context.

Several tools are available, some costing hundreds of dollars, others free. They all yield nonsense, which you can verify yourself by translating your English document to Thai and then back to English. Our advice is don't waste your money and time. With today's technology it still takes a human to translate between Thai and English.


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